Tired of a slow paced tumbling or dance class?

In our program, students begin learning back handsprings from the beginning! Don't waste money and time on classes that don't teach your children the skills and tricks they want to learn. Students learn great technique while advancing on to moves that other gyms & dance studios make you go through "basic" classes for.

Small class sizes and hands-on instruction mean your child receives more one-on-one attention and will learn faster than if they were in a large class. 
More importantly they will learn proper technique which promotes safety and healthy body alignment. Proper technique is essential from the beginning to foster correct muscle memory so that later on the child will be able to learn difficult tricks more easily.

Join one of our award winning teams or take a few fun classes with us! We offer all levels of dance instruction!

From parent & tot classes to advanced senior tumbling classes, we have exactly what you're looking for!

What Livewire parents have to say....

I absolutely LOVE LiveWire and highly recommend it for anyone looking for a studio that offers a quality program that generates results and is affordable! They have smaller class sizes, coaches that focus on technique and track my child’s progress. They are warm and welcome to open communication which I love. I have kids enrolled in their tumbling and dance programs. They offer discounts for taking multiple classes and for siblings. I have seen my kids grow in their skills and self esteem! My 6 year old is doing multiple back-handsprings!! I also like that I can watch once a month and enjoy a recital in the Spring. Thank you LiveWire for all you have done for my family!

Adriane Anderson

I can NOT say enough AMAZING things about LiveWire. My kids have been going here coming up on 2 years. We love it! We have been to a handful of other places for dance and tumbling and this is our top place by far. The pricing is great for the amount of time you get in class, the staff is always so great teaching and making the kids feel comfortable. I also get feedback after class on how my child is doing in class and what they can work on at home. You definately get a feeling that you are part of a dance family. I highly recommend LiveWire like I said I can NOT say enough AMAZING things!

Lindsay Nogosek

Starting our third year of competition dance/tumble with Livewire. Jen the owner is amazing. I can’t say enough good about her. She cares about these kids like they are her own. Teaching them not only how to be good dancers but also greats sports and amazing people. The coaches are also wonderful. My daughter feels recognized and supported not just a number in a crowd. The dancers are a team. From day 1 my younger and new to dance daughter was supported by a whole group of students. The older dancers are leaders and acknowledge my daughter making her feel important. It’s a dance family and we have no desire to be anywhere else. If you are looking for an all around great studio you have found your place.

Shar OwYoung