What should my child wear to class?

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Leotards only! Students may wear fitted shorts over a leotard if desired. Warm-ups can be worn at the beginning of class. No skirts, pants, or loose shirts allowed during class, as it is a hazard to the coach for spotting. Absolutely no clothes with zippers or buttons. No jewelry of any kind, hair should be pulled up, pinned, and tied back. Clean, bare feet only.  Cheerleaders may wear competition shoes only if they are non-marking, indoor shoes. No bare midriffs.

Jazz: Tights or fitted pants and a shirt, leotard is acceptable. Jazz shoes required.
Hip-hop: Street clothing allowed. Clean, non marking street shoes required.
Ballet: Leotard and tights. Ballet Flats. Ballet wrap skirt or tutu is allowed.

For all classes:
Hair must be pulled back, pinned away from the face (buns not recommended for tumbling). No jewelry.


Preferably a tight, fitted shirt (Under Armor style) or T-shirt that can be tucked in. Boys’ unitards are acceptable. Shorts should be tighter fitting and above the knee. No loose fitting clothing or clothes with zippers, buttons, or snaps of any kind. No socks.

(we have the ability to fit in house and order mens/boys dancewear, tights and shoes, just contact the office)
Jazz: Tights or fitted pants/shorts and a fitted shirt. Jazz shoes required.
Hip-hop: Street clothing allowed. Clean, non marking street shoes required.
Ballet: Tight, fitted shirt and either shorts or black male ballet tights. Black ballet flats. 

Are your classes sessions?

Our classes are month to month to best accommodate our clients for when their child acquires a skill and gets to move up a level. Tuition payment on the 20th of the month is what holds your spot in the class for the following month. Clients are free to "drop" a class whenever they need to in writing via email/text by the 15th of the month prior to leaving. But once you drop a class, you have no guarantee of when the next opening will be, as many of our classes have a wait list.

Do you offer any classes for boys?

All of our classes are co-ed unless noted on the schedule as specifically for boys or girls.

What can/should my child practice at home?

Everyone can do some stretching for flexibility and Juniors & Seniors should do all three splits. Straight line lunges, levers down & up and handstands are also skills that are important and easy to practice at home. Other than that, parents should ask their child's coach what skills are appropriate for them to do at home. LiveWire coaches are trained to only give the "ok" on skills at home that are perfected at the studio. To avoid learning bad habits and risk of injury, students should not practice advanced skills at home until cleared to do so.

Do you hold a recital?

We do!  Every spring your child will have the opportunity to show off their talents! Recital is always free for spectators, so invite the whole family to come cheer on your child.

How does the Registration Fee work?

Registration fee is due no matter when you sign up, but is prorated throughout the year and is then due again on September 1st in full. If you leave and come back within the same season that you've paid a registration fee for, you do not have to pay it again.

How does the Monthly Tuition  work?

Our monthly tuition price is for a single class that meets once a week. Students are welcome to take multiple classes within a week as every additional class has a 15% discount on it! Monthly tuition is created with holidays in mind, so your monthly tuition will stay the same regardless of whether a month is hosted only 3 class times because of a holiday break, 4 class per month like normal, or a 5 class month.

How do we cancel a class?

If you need to withdraw your child from a class, you must notify us in writing (email to livewiretumbling@gmail.com or text to the office) by the 15th of the month prior to leaving. EX: If you want to stop coming to class in June, so you would end in May, you would need to notify us by May 15th. This way we have enough time to stop your invoicing from going through.

Why do you not allow parents to stay?

It is shown that children can focus better when they only have one thing to focus one. When a parent is present, the student is then splitting focus on the parent and the instructor. Much like school, it is more efficient and better for all students involved that parents do not stay.