Helping children be ready for class

What's the best help you can do for your child so they can excel in tumbling and dance? Helping them be prepared for class. We understand that some days it is just a miracle to get them to the studio, but on the other days here are some tips that we have found make a difference:

For younger students:
*Remind them earlier in the day about class (and/or the day before) and get them excited about it and let them pick out something like their outfit or a hair tie for class
*Make sure they have eaten something 30 mins before class
*Arrive 5 mins early so they have time to use the restroom
*Make sure you tell them when you will be back and say bye to them when you leave. Turning around and having a parent gone can be disturbing to many young students

For older students:
*Ask them to pack their dance bag the day before so they don't forget anything. Encouraging them to have a written list of everything they need so they can double check they packed everything
*Pack a snack for those long days so they don't become irritable or tired
*Make sure the night before isn't a late night so their technique classes are still productive
For all students:
*Make sure they have the appropriate clothes on for their class
*Hair should be tied back 
*Jewelry including earrings should be taken off, or earrings taped
*Feet should be clean for tumbling or proper dance shoes are brought to class



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