Splits Challenge


Pass off dates: July 24 - 28

Splits Party will be held August 5, 2023.


We remind the students throughout the month to stretch at home. You can help them practice at home too and encourage them to stretch!
Here's what your child needs to have to be invited to the party:
Juniors & Beginning Tumbling: any 1 split
Intermediate: any 2 splits
Advanced: all 3 splits
(tots classes do not do splits)
In order for the split to count, for left and right the back knee needs to stay mostly turned under (facing the ground) and the child should be able to touch their bum of the front leg on the ground.  For middle splits the inner thigh of both legs should be touching the ground.
*** And just a reminder to anyone who received an invitation to the last splits party- your child will either need to have a different split, or have a "super split"  for any splits they already passed off.