What can I do to help my child progress?

Does my child REALLY have to practice bridges, handstands and splits at home? The answer to that question is another question: Do you want to see greater improvement in your child's dance/tumbling? If you can practice with your child 15 mins a day working those three skills (or any other homework your coach has given you), you (and their coach!) will see increased flexibility and strength.

Why does that matter? If a child cannot do a proper bridge, they will struggle more with back handsprings, walkovers and scorpions. If they cannot do a handstand they lack the strength needed for all the other tumbling skills. If they do not work their splits their leaps, kick overs and aerials are even more difficult.

If you feel like your child is stuck in a rut, it could be for many reasons. But the first thing I recommend trying is spending 15 mins, 5 days a week on these skills and watch the outcome over the next month. I can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with the progress made by such a small feat.

Our classes are focused on teaching skills and drills, not spending time stretching. We expect students to do that easy stuff at home so that they get the most out of class time.



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