Spring Recital 2023

Spring Recital 2023

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We are so excited for our Spring Recital this year!

Recital will be May 20th at South Hills Middle School.
Time TBA but starting around 11am.



If your child is in only ONE class at LiveWire then the registration fee for Spring Recital is $85.

For each additional class that your child is in at LiveWire the registration fee increases by $45.  This is the costume fee.

For example:

If your child is in TWO classes at LiveWire, the registration fee is $85 + $45 = $130. 

If your child is in THREE classes at LiveWire, the registration fee is $85 + $45 + $45 = $175.

For tumbling classes, the costume fee covers a new GK Elite Leotard.

For dance classes, the costume fee covers a leotard and tights or a top and bottoms.  Shoes will need to be purchased separately and can be purchased through LiveWire or somewhere else.


This is such a great opportunity for your cute kiddos to showcase all they have learned.
This is a no-stress performance that is completely FREE for spectators to come watch!
The students get a cute GK Leotard or LiveWire t-shirt and shorts for tumbling classes, or a leotard and tights for the dance classes, or a top and bottoms for hiphop classes. They will also receive a participation medal and candy bag!
Our competition dance teams will also perform at the recital, so if you were wanting to see what our teams look like, be sure to check them out while you are there as well.


You are not required to participate in Spring Recital but we hope you do!

Let us know if you have any questions!