Will taking the summer off affect my child's progression?

If you want the shortest answer we can give: YES.
Just like in school, when kids go on summer break and they don't continue reading, practicing math, etc, it is really difficult to maintain the same level and virtually impossible to increase their knowledge level... because they are not "practicing" the same amount of time, nor the same quality, as when in school.

Our muscles only get stronger with work and even then, the work load has to become more and more strenuous to increase muscle ability. Summer is the time we don't have to worry about competitions or recitals, we don't have to worry about school or homework... so we can increase our work load, work on new skills (think back tucks and twisting fulls!) and get to try new classes to broaden our knowledge. 

We allow people to switch up classes as they need to regarding their schedule, but it is first come first served for spots in classes, so contact us early. Summer is just 2.5 short months, make the most of it and don't let your child's hard earned skills regress!

If you have to take the summer off, please remember to give cancellation in enrollment in writing by the 15th of the month prior to avoid a penalty fee. We are a month-to-month studio so that people can come and go with ease, but once you leave a class, your spot gets filled with someone from the wait lists. So please remember when you want to return in the fall to check in with us at least a month in advance to get your name on the wait list for the classes you would like to enroll in.


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