Spring Recital

~*~ ​​2021 Spring Recital ~*~



May 21st @ 4:20pm  - 8:00 pm



Riverton High School Auditorium

12476 South 2700 West Riverton, Utah 84065

You will enter through the front doors and just inside the doors you turn right to head into the auditorium.

Masks will be required for spectators. Dancers will be allowed to remove their mask to go perform on stage.

With COVID everything has taken longer to prepare and work with venues, so we appreciate your patience! With the COVID rules we do have to do groups of performances.


How It Will Work:

This year, we will have you show up at your scheduled arrival time and we will lead a 10 min warm up so our bodies are warm enough to tumbling and dance. Please do not be late or you will miss your warm up! Save a spot for your child to sit by your family in the audience.

The front row on both sides will be blocked off and we ask that no one sits there. This way, if you are recording your child you are welcome to move their during your child's performance to watch or record and then move back 

After warm up we will have the classes go back stage to have them line up. After your child performs, we will let them pose on stage for a quick picture, give them their performance medal and release them to go sit with you in the audience.

The first two tumbling sections are about 30 minute sections. At the end we will thank everyone for coming and dismiss so that the next section can come in. The last tumbling section is shorter and then the dance section is last and that is our longest section.

If you need to move/leave early, you totally can but please only do so in-between numbers so that those who are watching the dancers/tumblers have an unobstructed view.

The only exception to this is our section with our competitive dance teams. You will want to stay till the end for the dance team awards section if you are on a competitive dance team.

Anyone is welcome to come watch any or all of the sections. The competitive dance team section is a really fun to see all the exciting dances- especially if your dancer or tumbler is wanting to be on teams next year. (We accept everyone- so everyone makes a team after tryouts!)

And then just a reminder- the recital is not an ending, our classes keep going after the recital! The only exception to this are our competitive dance teams.

Summer is the time to gain new skills and train hard on building strength and technique. So if you are hoping to make a higher level team next season, summer is the time to focus on it! And remember, for our beginner level teams-everyone makes a team!

We apologize in advance if your family spans multiple sections and you find that inconvenient. We had to spread some classes out for timing reasons. Please also note that if you are staying for multiple sections, you might possibly see the same tumbling routine twice. This is because for COVID, we taught all the similar classes the same routine, so when a child had to miss because of sickness, they could do a makeup but still be practicing the same routine :)

Classes keep going after the recital. Our recital is not an ending, but something fun to work towards and look forward to! We use our recital as a way to show off all the fun things your students have been learning in class. If you are wanting to cancel class for summer, please make sure to follow the class cancellation policies found on the registration form. The only exception to this rule is competition team dance classes.

Please do not find a seat/leave your seat/walk around DURING the numbers. Please do this in between each number so that you are not obstructing someone's view of their child.

Yes, videography and photography is allowed and encouraged! Feel free to move to a spot that is good for you during your child's performance as long as you are not blocking someone else's view. Don't forget to tag @tumblelivewire in your Facebook and Instagram photos!

For many kids the recital may be a nerve-wrecking thing. Our recitals are all about having fun and obtaining new skills such as remembering choreography and learning to perform for a crowd. Encourage your child to smile and have fun and don't sweat the small stuff if they mess up, there's always next year!

Hair for tumbling just needs to be something pulled out of the face and secured. We do NOT recommend buns as they are difficult to do forward/backward rolls over. We recommend a high ponytail. Hairspray/gel is very helpful for keeping fly-aways at bay. Some of the advanced classes might be asked to do a certain hairstyle.

Underwear: we recommend wearing underwear the same color as the leotard or if possible to get dance briefs that match your skin tone to wear under the leotard. It is also acceptable to wear the leotard just as you would wear a swimming suit. Girls can also wear form-fitting black athletic shorts as long as they are ALL BLACK with no decorations or lines. We sell these at the studio. Older girls: please make sure no bra straps are showing!  Boys should try to wear black undergarments as their shorts will be black and tuck in their shirt.

Makeup is not required for the tumbling classes, but fake eyelashes, eye liner, a little smokey eye and blush can help your girls not be washed out by the bright lights on the stage. We leave it up to the parents on this one!

Remember the recital is FREE for all spectators! No entrance fee at the door.