Spring Recital

May 11, 2024

11:00 am - 6:00 pm at Mountain Creek Middle School

5325 Bingham Rim Road
South Jordan, Utah 84009
The recital will be broken up into sections, you do not have to stay the entire time.  After your child performs you are free to leave. However, it is fun to be able to stay and see some of our advanced classes perform! (Some competition teams might be in multiple sections.)
This is such a great opportunity for your cute kiddos to showcase all they have learned and also get to perform on the big stage!
The recital is a fun, stress-free performance that encourages and teaches the kids to work through nerves and get up in front of an audience.
Our competition dance teams will also perform at the recital, so if you are wanting to see what our teams look like, be sure to check them out while you are there as well.
Once the schedule times are announced, please plan on arriving 30 mins before your class' scheduled time and check in backstage. 
The recital will not stop/wait for missing students, and can run ahead of schedule, so please make sure your tumbler/dancer is checked in backstage early!
The front row will be reserved for spectators who want to video their dancer's routine and then they should move from that spot to allow others to do the same.
For tumbling classes, students can wear form fitting, all black shorts over their leotard if they so choose. But most choose to just wear the leotard.
After your dancer/tumbler performs they will take a bow, stand at the front of the stage for a quick picture moment, then they will receive their goody bag and then will be released off the front steps of the stage to meet a parent. You are not required to stay after your tumbler/dancer's number, but you can stay to see the other numbers and cheer them on if you wish. We will take a large group picture at the end of the recital for all students who are present.
Competitive dance teams- your team awards ceremony will be at the end of your recital block so be sure to stay till the end!
For tumbling classes, the registration fee includes a new GK Elite Tumbling Leotard for girls /  a LiveWire Tumbling Shirt and shorts for boys, a special performance medal and treat bag, the performer's entry ticket, and 1 spectator ticket.
For dance classes, the registration fee covers a leotard and tights for girls / a top and bottoms for boys or for hip hop classes, a special performance medal and treat bag, the performer's entry ticket, and 1 spectator ticket.


Unfortunately, the school district has changed their policies- we used to not charge for admission, so the district granted us a discounted rate. However, now they are making us pay the full school rental rate regardless. So this will sadly be the first year that we will have to start charging admission to spectators. 

Price is $5/person or you can buy a bundle of 4 for $12.

The bundle must be pre-purchased by April 30. No bundle will be offered later or at the door.

Reminder that each performer will receive a wristband and 1 additional spectator wristband.

The admission fees are to cover the additional cost of renting the venue for the recital.